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2013 Maine Whitetail

Category: Superformance®

Product: 270 Win 130 gr GMX® Superformance®

Shooter: Andy Bailey

Posted: Nov 11, 2013

On a cloudy Saturday 11/09/13, I was headed to my tree stand at 02:30 P.M. As I crested the knoll less than 100 yards from my stand, I saw four deer in the field in front of me. There was a doe, her twins from this year, and another doe with no youngster around her. I settled in on the barren doe with my Savage model 116 (.270 caliber) with Superformance 130 gr GMX ammo in the chamber. I squeezed off one round, and she dropped right in her tracks. The distance 220yards. This is the third deer in three years I have shot with Superformance ammo. The other two were with Superformance, 270 caliber 140 grain SST Ammo. All resulted in the same conclusion. One shot - the deer dropped in it's tracks; period, end of story. The proof is in the freezer.