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Huge Eland

Category: Dangerous Game™

Shooter: Blair Simpkins

Posted: Feb 13, 2014

The Eland was not my primary trophy, but when the huge bull appeared unexpectedly, my PH looked at me and gave the thumbs up. I'm glad I had my .367 Steyr Dakota 76 that day. I had been hunting with my vintage .303 double rifle. I had 270 Swift A-Frame running 2500 fps.

Hornady really hit the nail on the head with this cartridge. Perfectly suited as a African Plains Game round - and - will take a Buffalo if loaded with 300 grain DGX.

I applaud Hornady for keeping this in the DG catalogue, as it's a very fine design.

Now for my suggestions. Need to add the 300 grain DGS and DGX at 2350 fps to the lineup. Field reports have shown excellent results.

Blair Simpkins
Fort Mill, SC