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2010 Nebraska Deer

Category: 223 Rem

Product: 223 Rem 75 gr BTHP Superformance® Match™

Shooter: Alexis McFarlane

Posted: Nov 29, 2010

On Sunday Nov 21st, the last day of the NE deer season, my 11 year old daughter Alexis shot her first deer. Because she is very petite and only weighs 65 pounds, I have her shooting an H&R single shot rifle chambered in .223 using Hornady’s 75 grain BTHP Superformance ammunition. I had limited her to a 100 yard shot as she had never shot a deer before and I was a bit skeptical of the capabilities of a .223, especially if she made a marginal hit. However, I was amazed at how this load performed. She made a perfect heart shot at 75 yards and the deer didn’t make it 20 yards from where it was shot. I believe the only reason it made it that far was pure adrenaline. Kind of graphic to say, but the energy released totally exploded the heart and actually blew the bottom part of the heart out of the exit hole! Obviously shot placement is very critical, but the 75 gr .223 is a tremendous load for deer size animals for hunters and shooters that cannot handle the heavy recoil of larger rifles. This may not be a trophy as defined by the record books, but it was a trophy to us!

By the way, the $5 youth deer license that NE has implemented is the best buy in hunting!