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2010 Chocolate Phase Black Bear

Category: Choose by Caliber

Shooter: Ken

Posted: Jan 10, 2013

After a 10 year hiatus from hunting a friend invited me to his hunting camp. I shot a mule deer doe just after daybreak bow hunting. My buddy and I were coming down a ridge and spotted a bear running up the next ridge. I quickly ran and tried to spot the bear. It had stopped 225 yards away and was actually feeding. I am a decent shot and let one fly. I heard the crashing and about 20 seconds later silence. I thought it is down but gave it 10 minutes then start tracking it. My buddy who was still bow hunting was about 80 yards behind and off to my left. He starts shouting "He is coming right at you!" "He's coming!" I can't see the bear due to a small pine tree between me and the bear. I say "I can't see it where is it?" He shouts "Right there!" I shout back "Right there is not a direction. Right left? 08:00-10:00?" He says "12:00" I look straight ahead and no bear. I say again "he is not there" My buddy then says "Oh I mean 10:00" (he was giving the bears position based upon his location not mine) Just as he says that the bear turned to left and popped out about 30 yards infront of me. He was trotting by wobbling. I hit him again and he dropped. Please remember to be clear on your instructions to your hunting buddy when a bear is charging toward him.

This is a beautiful chocolate phase bear. He was old - his lower canine teeth were well worn and one was only 1/2 size. I had a rug and skull made. My best day of hunting so far an archery deer harvested in the morning and a bear in the evening. I had the meat made into a garlic pepperoni/sausage and it was great. A little drier than venison but still a great taste. Thanks for letting me share.

The Hornaday Custom Lite .308 120 grain bullets are very accurate. They are only sold by Cabelas which I hope will change. Awesome coyote hunting round.