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1st buck .257 Roberts

Category: Superformance®

Product: 257 Roberts +P 117 gr SST® Superformance®

Shooter: Jack England

Posted: Dec 26, 2012

I have been hunting since I was 11. I live in Texas, and I love to be out in the field doing things, and living life. My dad and I got a chance to do some deer hunting this November, and I wanted to carry and shoot our .257 Roberts (the Bob). We went out to the blind and we were very quiet and hopeful of being able to see a legal whitetail buck. There are plenty of deer in the Texas Hill Country, but I wanted to be picky and let the younger animals live and grow bigger.

About 25 minutes after sundown on the day before Thanksgiving a nice 8 point came out of the brush. He was chasing a couple of doe, and I watched him for what seemed a long time. It was maybe 3 minutes and it starting to get dark. He gave me a good pose, and I put the Bob right on the mark. He went down like an anvil had hit him. He was dead in his tracks, at 145 yards.

The 117gr. SST is a complete winner! I had maximum confidence in the rifle and my Hornady ammo. I am a HUGE FAN of this ammo for me and my Winchester Model 70. I know that there is a not a single game animal in Texas that I can't take with it. Thank you for a quality product.