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157" 8 point

Category: Superformance® Slugs

Product: 12 GA SST® 300 gr FTX® Slug

Shooter: Ed

Posted: Aug 26, 2012

My deer was from 2010 Iowa shotgun season. We were hunting the bluffs and valleys of Jones County. Had had a moderate amount of snow on the ground. I was walking down a tall ridge with 40 ft dropoffs on either side to get to the end of the point where I was supposed to block. I went in very slowly and had the wind at my face. I got about 50 yards down the ridge and look down and spotted him about 75 yards from me. He was looked my way as I raised the 870s barrel, but stood still, perfectly broadside.

I knew right away he was a shooter but had no idea, it happened so fast. I let one go and he started running. The deer started running across my face left to right and gave no indication of being hit (although I will find out later it was a double lung right behind the shoulder) I am not a great shot on a running deer and subsequent follow ups did not connect.

My buddy who was blocking to my right fired a shot toward him but was not even close. This turned the deer back towards me and I was able to get another shell in the chamber. He crossed a crick and stopped on the opposite bank. He was quartering away this time as I let another SST go and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. He slid down the bank and of course his head/rack went into the water so I had no idea how big he was.

I waited (seemed like forever) untill the drive was finished, then came down the bluff with my buddy. Still had no idea of his size and was nervous for ground shrinkage and constant harrassment back at camp. One of the guys in our group got to him first and started whooping up a storm. No harrassment on this day. Only bad thing was dragging him back over the crick and up the bluff in 10" of snow, but I was grinnin' the whole time!