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12 yr old first buck

Category: Custom Lite®

Product: 270 Win 120 gr SST® Custom Lite®

Shooter: Carsten Ellsworth

Posted: Nov 30, 2012

My 12 yr old son Carsten drew the coveted late 2012 season 12A West Kaibab AZ Tag. Carsten, his Grandpa Jerry, and I headed up to the Kaibab right after Thanksgiving dinner. We arrived and set up camp at around midnight. We hunted hard the next several days learning more each day from talking with other hunters and observing the deer and trying new areas.

On the fourth day we drove a road that had been recommended by a successful hunter. While driving, we looked into the Junipers and spotted a doe with another deer behind. When I looked through the binoculars I saw the deer behind was the biggest buck I had ever seen alive. Carsten and I crawled through the Junipers and Oaks looking for legs...we never caught up to the deer but decided to gps it and to be back at first light.

Next morning we arrived while it was still dark. As it got light enough to see, I looked through my binoculars and spotted some does. I told Carsten to get the gun and his pack and we would climb a small hill beside us to see if there were any bucks worth shooting. As we looked over a log on top of the hill, we saw deer walking into the Oaks and Junipers. Then I saw a big buck and told Carsten I had a shooter! He started searching through the scope on his rifle. I saw the buck was almost in the Oaks where we would most likely loose him. Carsten calmly turned the power on his scope up and finally said, "I see his antlers, I don't want to shoot a doe."

As the buck was taking his last step into the Oaks, Carsten shot and the buck jumped and disappeared. Carsten said he knew he hit him because he was dead on when the shot went off. After waiting 30 long minutes we took off down the hill to where the deer was shot. Carsten found the blood and took off on the blood trail. We found the buck within 50 yards. I looked the buck over and found that Carstehad hit the buck right behind the shoulder and there was a large exit wound on the far side. We measured the outside spread and found the deer to have a 29 inch beautiful symmetrical outside spread.

Carsten was using my pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in a 270 Caliber I had inherited from my dad. When we went to the range we used the Hornady CustomLite ammo in a 120 gr SST. I was extremely impressed at how the ammo performed. It was extremely accurate and Carsten at age 12 said he barely felt any recoil. The ammo did a tremendous job on the deer at 200 yards. I have never endorsed a product, but these bullets did the job for my son and I am extremely happy.

Thanks for a superb product,
Greg Ellsworth