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12 Gauge Critical Defense Test

Category: Buckshot

Product: 12 ga 00 Buckshot Critical DefenseŽ

Shooter: Thomas

Posted: Mar 30, 2011

My name is Tom. Just started getting back into shooting recently. Seen everyone say there product is best on the market or its military grade so it awesome. Got tired of this so I'm doing my own tests using some of the most trusted types and brands. First test is 12 Gauge defensive rounds, the second test is series of handgun rounds and third is 5.56 rounds. This story is just for the 12 gauge rounds.

12 GAUGE AMMO TEST. I used Winchester Ranger Law Enforcemet Buckshot, Winchester PDX1, Hornady Critical Defense Buckshot (Seemed to have exact same features and ratings as light magnum). Tested on pattern and barrier pentration. Did it from a distance off about 45-50 ft away from targets. Used standard shooting targets for pattern test and 2 very thick pieces of Heavy duty plywood. Each piece was about 1 inch thick. All shots were fired from standard Remington 870.

WINNER IS ....HORNADY CRITICAL DEFENSE. Followed by W. Ranger and then PDX1.

Hornady Critical Defense shot a avg group size of 4-7inchs was very impressed, Ranger groups averaged 6 to 9 inches, and PDX1 averagd 6-8 1/2 inches.

For pentration Hornady was able to pentrate the first piece easily and about half way through the second piece before pellets stopped inside. Average shot had 1 pellet go through both pieces. As for Ranger, pellets pentrated first piece but failed to enter second piece. All pellets left dimple marks in second piece's surface. I was pretty let down by Winchester cause this is their Ranger series, suppose to be some of there best product. The PDX1 is a bit different since its a slug with 3 pellets. The slug pentrated easily through both pieces of wood but most slugs will do that. The pellets made it through first wood but not second. Pellets failed to even leave dimple marks on second piece.

Hornady was very accurate. Went exactly where I placed my shots every single time. Ranger did ok but I expected more from a Law Enforcement round. The PDX1 failed yet again. They were all over the place. It was such a failure.

I highly reccomend Hornady Critical Defense. It out preformed others in all categories. I will definately will be using Hornady in my shotgun for home defense. This round is just awesome and as a newbie getting into ammo. I'm so far leading to Hornady as my main ammo.