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10th coyote of the year!

Category: V-MAX™

Product: 20 Cal .204 32 gr V-MAX®

Shooter: Chris G.

Posted: Feb 10, 2012

Had a few hours to kill the other day and I went out to do a few stands. On the 3rd stand I howled in 3 coyotes and they came a running. I was hoping to get a better crack at all 3 but I had to take the lead one as she was about to wind me. Shot her right the chest with a 204 Ruger, 32 gr V-max bullet and down she went. The other ones ran off over the hill. That is my 10th coyote this year with my 204 Venture Predator and the 32 gr. V-max! Love the V-max bullets! Very accurate and easy on fur!!