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1 shot. 2 kills

Category: SSTŪ

Product: 270 Cal .277 130 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: RedneckGenius

Posted: Nov 3, 2012

Friday evening the football team was on a bye week. So I called a buddy and invited him to go with me to our club's lease. Turns out the stand I intended for him was occupied, but he took me to my stand and went to his own property about 3 miles away. I slipped into the woods.

About a quarter to 7, I saw movement to my left in thick brush. I watched, saw the deer and got my Weatherby .270. As the deer moved, I look for a shot and couldn't get one. Saw the second deer and realized it was a pair of bucks fighting.

I sat there, gun ready as they circled and chased. Finally one stepped into a clear spot. I decided right then to wait and see if both would step into the clearing or perhaps one would come to the bait pile.

As the deer circled each other, I then wondered if I could pull off the 2'fer shot. It was about 20 yards, so I was confident a neck shot could take both. At 50 yards or more, I'd have never tried it.

The biggest buck eyed the younger and they started walking toward each other. When the necks cross, the .270 delivered that 130 grain ballistic tip Hornady projo into the first one's neck. They both dropped in their tracks. The first buck's spinal column was gone. The bullet passed through, angled down and hit the lower neck of buck two.

2 deer. 1 shot.

Gonna European mount both skulls next to each other on the same plaque. That's a definite trophy thanks to Hornady!