How Lock-N-Load® Works

The Lock-N-Load® reloading system is a patented quick change bushing system that lets you change dies with a simple flick of the wrist. With Lock-N-Load® technology in your reloading press, you can stop loading, change dies, and start loading another caliber in SECONDS. If you load more than one caliber, Lock-N-Load® will dramatically speed up your reloading efforts.

This unique technology is featured on our Lock-N-Load® Classic™ and Lock-N-Load® AP™ (Auto Progressive) reloading presses, and other select loading tools.

LNL - How it worksThe Hornady Lock-N-Load® system is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Insert the Lock-N-Load® die bushing into the press bushing and lock it into place with a twist. The six locking lugs on the die and press bushings will hold it securely in position.
  2. Insert your standard die into the Lock-N-Load® Bushing.
  3. Adjust the die to the proper position and lock your setting into place with Hornady’s unique Sure-Loc™ lock ring.

To change calibers, simply twist the die counterclockwise, remove die and insert your next preset Lock-N-Load® die and bushing. Because they remain locked in their Lock-N-Load® Bushings, your dies will remain exactly as you set them. The positive locking action of the Lock-N-Load® Bushing holds the dies in rock solid, perfect alignment. Once you try Lock-N-Load® from Hornady, you’ll NEVER want to go back to your old system.

Six Locking Lugs

The combination of the six lugs and the close tolerance of the tooling firmly grip the die bushing in place in the press for maximum rigidity and accuracy in reloading.

Rubber O-ring on Die Bushings

The O-ring on our die bushings gives you a better feel when the die is inserted and holds the die tight against the locking lugs to prevent accidental loosening.

You can also convert another manufacturer’s press to the Lock-N-Load® system with Hornady conversion bushings.