One Shot® TAP® HD-Extreme

One Shot® TAP® HD-Extreme
  • Formulated for extended shooting in harsh weather conditions
  • 9-layer formula withstands 400 hours of salt spray exposure

This Gun and Tool Cleaner-Conditioner & Dry Lubricant reduces friction causing grime build up. The thin dry film lube is impervious to heat, cold and supports a self-cleaning action resulting in less residue build up and easier removal.

  • Exceeds the US PRF 63460 and NATO Military minimum load carrying capacity by six times
  • Surpasses 400 hours Salt and Spray Corrosion Protection (per ASTM B117)
  • Prevents tarnish, reduces ejection drag, and jamming
  • High load carrying capacity (metal-to-metal pressure-3000#+)
  • Heat/Cold resistant to 400°F (200°C) and -40°F

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