Neck Turning Tool 1 Each

Neck Turning Tool 1 Each

Hornady’s new case neck turning tool is the only one at this price range with a cutter adjustable in 1/1000" increments to trim the outside of the case neck to absolute uniformity.


Micro-Adjustable Cutter

The cutter adjustment dial has graduated markings in 1/1000"" increments for incredibly precise trimming of the outside of your case necks.

Super Sharp Cutting Blade

Keeps an edge practically forever, but can be removed for sharpening or a replacement blade. Precision ground bevel won’t cut shoulder.

Built-in Backlash

Special O-ring keeps tension on the cutter adjustment knob. The cutter stays exactly where you set it.

Turn Cases Of Nearly Any Diameter

With a wide variety of mandrels, Hornady’s new neck turning tool can accept cases of virtually any diameter.

Mandrels Sold Separately

Item Number 041222
Weight 0.80 lbs
Price: $67.92
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