Lock-N-Load® Magnum Sonic Cleaner™ 220 Volt

Lock-N-Load® Magnum Sonic Cleaner™ 220 Volt

Magnum Sonic Cleaner - gunConsidered the powerhouse of ultrasonic cleaners, the stainless steel Lock-N-Load Magnum Sonic Cleaner provides triple the size and twice the power of the original Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner.

Designed with reloaders in mind, the Lock-N-Load Magnum Sonic Cleaner excels at cleaning cartridge cases, but simply change over to Gun Cleaning solution, and it also works miracles on gun parts – it does ALL the work – clean pistol barrels, AR bolts, muzzle loader breech plugs and any other metal gun parts with hands-off ease.

Featuring two transducers, the Lock-N-Load Magnum Sonic Cleaner provides far superior cleaning capability over conventional cleaners that only utilize one transducer. Other ultrasonic cleaners merely have an on/off switch for the heater, which can cause parts to overheat and damage sensitive items. The adjustable heating element of the Lock-N-Load Magnum Sonic Cleaner allows the user to dial in the correct temperature to maximize cleaning efficiency without damaging delicate parts.

Its stainless steel housing is extremely durable and easy to clean, and the tighter mesh basket allows users to clean smaller parts. The Lock-N-Load Magnum Sonic Cleaner is a true multi-purpose tool that makes a great addition to any bench.

  • 3L Tank (3.2 qt)
  • Tank dimensions: 9.4" x 5.5" x 3.9"

Magnum Sonic Cleaner

One Shot Sonic Cleaner solutions sold separately.

Magnum Sonic Cleaner In Action

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