Lock-N-Load® Deluxe Control Panel

Lock-N-Load® Deluxe Control Panel

Deluxe Control Panel includes digital readout panel, wire harness, cycle counter, primer slide sensor, Powder Safeguard Die, powder level sensor and primer level sensor.

Take full control of your progressive reloading press with the Lock-N-Load® Deluxe Control Panel. The easy-to-read digital display with multiple sensors allows you to set audible and visual alarms for primer quantity level, powder hopper level, and primer slide check. The Powder Safeguard Die checks straight-walled cartridges from .380 to 45 caliber for powder charges and physically halts the reloading stroke when a no-charge or double charge is detected. The LED panel displays the number of press strokes, and also alerts the user when a sensor detects a low primer/powder level or other issue.

Control Panel

Control Panel Primer Slide Sensor
Primer Slide Detector and Cycle Counter
  Control Panel Primer Sensor
Primer Volume Sensor
Control Panel Primer Slide Sensor
Powder Level Sensor
  Control Panel Primer Sensor
Powder Safeguard Die


Some components are compatible with other progressive reloading presses.

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