Lock-N-Load® Auto Charge™ Powder Dispenser

Lock-N-Load® Auto Charge™ Powder Dispenser
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Speed and efficiency save time and money. With the introduction of the Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ Auto Charge™ Powder Dispenser, we have combined both in one extremely accurate system. This unit is quick to setup, easy to use, and exceptionally precise to within 0.1 grains, and has a scale capacity of 1000 grains – and designed to be much easier to use than the competition.

An easy-to-use keypad coupled with a large, easy-to-read backlit display, automatic & manual dispense options, trickle function, three speed settings, overcharge protection, and easy clean out make this the single most effective powder measure on the market. When it comes to the competitors, there aren’t any who measure up!


Item Number 050068
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Price: $317.21
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Lock-N-Load® Auto Charge™ Powder Dispenser
User Manual for the LNL Auto Charge Powder Dispenser
Trickle Charge Adjustment Document
Instructions to adjust the trickle charge speed
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05/23/2011 charles green accurate and dependable Lock-N-Load® Auto Charge™ Powder Dispenser


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