Custom Dies

Our dies are hand polished to an unmatched finish

Hornady® Custom Made Dies are manufactured to the customer’s specifications.

Hornady® Manufacturing offers the advantage of making custom dies to your specifications. These custom-manufactured dies are available in either our Custom-Grade™ or Match-Grade™ die configuration, and can be made to load any cartridge.

Our custom-manufactured dies are made on precision CNC machines that produce extremely tight tolerances. They are designed from your chamber reamer drawing and/or three fired or parent cases, assuring a die that is a “true” match to your chamber.

Each custom-manufactured die is hand crafted and polished for an unmatched finish. Elliptical expanders, shell holders, shell plates, trimmer pilots, bullet seating stems and alignment sleeves can be made to fit any bullet of any profile, lead or jacketed. These precision dies give the handloader total control over the loading process.


Hydraulic Form Die Kit

Our Hydraulic Form Die Kit is designed to expand a standard case into an improved case design without having to fireform cases. Thus, saves time, component expense and barrel wear.

What you’ll need to order a custom-made die:

  • Cartridge Name
  • Bullet Diameter
  • Parent Case
  • Three (3) Fired Cases
  • Chamber Reamer Drawings
  • Die Marking (Up to 12 characters including spaces)

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Reloading Essentials

View this caliber reference chart to determine the size and type of reloading essentials you need.


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