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American Whitetail Slugs 1-oz12 Gauge American Whitetail® 1-ounce Rifled Slug: Turn your smooth-bore shotgun into a deer hunting machine

Designed for smooth-bore barrels, this 12-gauge is loaded with a 1-ounce foster style slug. The hollow point style slug features a tough, lead alloy core loaded to 1,600 feet per second. The compression style wad protects the slug at ignition and helps to seal the bore for maximum velocity.

American Whitetail Slugs



12 Gauge American Whitetail® Slug 325 gr InterLock®

American Whitetail Slugs 325 grDesigned for fully rifled barrels, Hornady® American Whitetail® Slugs are loaded with 325-grain Hornady® InterLock® bullets. A hollow point serrated design initiates rapid expansion upon impact, and a tough, lead alloy core is lethal out to 200+ yards. The rigid polycarbonate sabot ensures accuracy. The end result is an accurate delivery system for a tough shotgun slug capable of taking the biggest midwestern whitetails.

American Whitetail Slugs


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