9.3X62 286 gr InterLock® SP-RP

9.3X62 286 gr InterLock® SP-RP
Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 100 200 300 400 500
2360/3537 2155/2950 1961/2442 1778/2008 1608/1642 1453/1340
Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 100 200 300 400 500
-1.50 0.00 -6.00 -21.10 -47.20 -86.80

9.3 x 62 286 gr. SP-RP

The 9.3 x 62mm is a popular round in both Europe and North America. It is a rimless cartridge that is designed to approximate the performance of the classic 9.3 x 74R cartridge that earned a great reputation for being able to put game down. This ammunition is loaded to original specifications to ensure that it will work equally well in vintage and newly manufactured rifles. The Hornady® 9.3 x 62mm will be loaded with our 286 gr SP-RP bullet and offered in our Dangerous Game™ Series ammunition.

Depending on the caliber, Hornady Dangerous Game Series ammunition is loaded with Hornady DGS®, DGX®, SP or SP-RP bullets.

InterLock® SP

Item Number 82303
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .400
Sectional Density .305
Quantity 20/BX
Price: $76.71
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