9 x 18mm Makarov 95 gr FTX® Critical Defense®

9 x 18mm Makarov 95 gr FTX® Critical Defense®
Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 50 100
1000/211 934/182 880/161


High Performance Hornady FTX® Bullets

Unaffected by thick and heavy clothing, the 95 gr. FTX bullet delivers superior controlled expansion and large, deep wound cavities over a wide range of velocities.


Clean burning and efficient propellants reduce recoil in lightweight handguns and perform consistently at all temperatures. Minimal muzzle flash protects night vision.

Highest Quality Cases

Silver nickel-plated cases prevent corrosion and are greatly enhance low-light chamber checks.

22WMR packaging

Hornady Critical Defense is the most effective, consistent and reliable self-defense ammunition on the market.

What's the Difference?

9X18 MAKAROV 95 gr. FTX® - Heavy Clothing

Total Penetration = 9.75"
Retained Percentage = 100%

Item Number 91000
Weight 0.67 lbs
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .135
Sectional Density .102
Quantity 25/BX
US Patent No. 8,161,885 | 8,413,587
Price: $28.25
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