44 Cal .430 265 gr FTX® (444 Marlin)

44 Cal .430 265 gr FTX® (444 Marlin)


Patented Flex Tip® Bullet Technology

Upon impact, the soft tip compresses into the bullet, initiated immediate expansion across a wide range of velocities. Safe to shoot in tubular magazines as well as any other firearm.

InterLock® Ring

Mechanically locks the core and jacket together for maximum weight retention and deep penetration.

Ballistically Efficient Secant Ogive

Pioneered by Hornady® the secant ogive profile delivers stability, flat trajectories and amazing accuracy.

Specially Engineered Jacket

The heavy jacket over the shank of the bullet combined with our proven InterLock® design controls expansion and enhances accuracy.

Item Number 4305
Weight 2.15 lbs
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .225
Sectional Density .205
Quantity 50/BX
Price: $38.68
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