423 Cal .423 400 gr DGS®

423 Cal .423 400 gr DGS®

An aggressive, hard-hitting bullet with an attitude to match, Hornady® DGS® bullets feature an advanced profile built of the toughest materials that penetrate through thick hide, dense muscle and hard bone -- delivering maximum stopping power.

The business end of the DGS® bullet features a wide, flat nose that delivers maximum energy upon impact while resisting bullet deformation and deflection. Incorporating a very hard, high-antimony lead core with a copper-clad, steel jacket, this bullet maintains integrity and overall weight retention when driving through even the toughest hide and bone. Uniform in shape and size to the DGX®(Dangerous Game™ Expanding) bullet, you can reliably and accurately shoot both from the same firearm with little to no shift in point of aim or impact. 


  1. Flat Nose
    The flat nose eliminates possible deflections and resists deformation to achieve straight, deep penetration. The DGS® provides the perfect follow-up bullet when hunting dangerous game.
  2. DGX®/DGS® Uniformity
    Each caliber utilizes the same profile for both the DGS® and DGX® bullets, offering the ultimate uniformity, which is ideal when shooting both bullet types through the same firearm.
  3. Copper Clad Steel Jacket
    The heavy copper clad steel jacket and high antimony lead core penetrate deeply through hide, muscle and bone.

Item Number 4241
Weight 3.10 lbs
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .315
Sectional Density .319
Quantity 50/BX
Price: $78.04
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