357 Sig 135 Gr. FlexLock® Critical DUTY®

357 Sig 135 Gr. FlexLock® Critical DUTY®
Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 50 100
1225/450 1125/379 1050/330
Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 100 200
-1.50 -5.40 0.00

CustomLite “Barrier Blind” Performance!

The Critical Duty 357 Sig meets FBI established protocol standards for penetration and terminal performance through all FBI test barriers.

The FlexLock® bullet features the Hornady® exclusive Flex Tip® technology that enhances barrier protection and prevents clogging, for terminal performance. A massive jacket-to-core InterLock® band locks the jacket and core together for high weight retention. Plus, the Critical Duty® line features low-flash propellants and nickel-plated cartridge cases with sealed primers and case mouths.

  1. Rugged 135 grain FlexLock® bullet
  2. Flex Tip® design prevents clogging and enhances barrier penetration
  3. InterLock® band locks the core and jacket
  4. Low-flash propellants
  5. Nickel plated cartridge cases

Critical DUTY®

Designed to meet the needs of those who demand superior barrier penetration and prefer a full-size handgun for their personal protection, Critical Duty® is loaded with the tough Hornady® FlexLock® bullet that delivers virtually “barrier blind” performance when shot through common urban barriers.


What's the Difference?

Bare Gelatin


Mushrooms14.00" Penetration
.58 Expansion
99.0% Recovered Weight


Heavy Clothing


Mushrooms13.5" Penetration
.56 Expansion
99.1% Recovered Weight


Sheet Metal


Mushrooms15.0" Penetration
.51 Expansion
95.0% Recovered Weight


Wall Board


Mushrooms16.50" Penetration
.42 Expansion
100% Recovered Weight




Mushrooms17.75" Penetration
.53 Expansion
100% Recovered Weight




Mushrooms15.5" Penetration
.49 Expansion
77% Recovered Weight

Item Number 91296
US Patent No. 8,413,587 | 8,161,885
Price: $31.11
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