300 Blackout 208 gr A-MAX® (subsonic)

300 Blackout 208 gr A-MAX® (subsonic)
Test Barrel (16") Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 50 100 150 200
1020/480 1006/467 993/455 980/444 968/433

Ssshhhh – Hornady® is loading the 300 Blackout (Whisper®)

300 WhisperThe 300 Blackout (Whisper) is a highly efficient cartridge based on the 221 Remington case necked up to .308. Renowned as a subsonic cartridge for use with suppressed guns, the 300 Blackout (Whisper) from Hornady is available in both supersonic and subsonic loads. Compatible with guns chambered for the 300 AAC Blackout, the 300 Blackout (Whisper) from Hornady is a reliable performer with or without a suppressor and brings a new level of flexibility to the AR-15 platform.

Subsonic Load

  • Subsonic load @ 1020 fps - 16" Bbl
  • Loaded with the 208 gr A-MAX®
  • Extremely efficient load
  • Tactical offering when silence is necessary

Item Number 80892
H.I.T.S. # (100 Yard Value) 646
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .648
Sectional Density .313
Test Barrel Length (inches) 16
Quantity 20/box

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