30 Cal .308 168 gr A-MAX®

30 Cal .308 168 gr A-MAX®


  1. Ultra Low Drag Tip
    The low-drag and uniform point raises the ballistic coefficient and precisely balances the center of pressure relative to the center of gravity in order to achieve optimal in-flight stability.
  2. Secant Ogive Profile
    The geometric profile works to produce low drag and flatter trajectories.The secant ogive design also provides the optimum bearing surface for stability in flight and the best ballistic coefficient possible.
  3. Swaged Lead Core
    The swaging process provides excellent uniformity and balance for consistent performance and accuracy.
  4. AMP™ Jacket
    The jacket has virtually zero tolerance for concentricity and near zero wall thickness variation.
  5. Boattail
    The angle and length of the boattail is unique to each caliber and weight of Match™ and A-MAX® bullets to maximize ballistic coefficient and accuracy.

Item Number 30502
Weight 2.52 lbs
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 0.475
Sectional Density 0.253
Quantity 100/BX
Price: $41.33
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Photo Date Shooter Title Product
06/22/2011 Mark Swab The AMAX bullets 30 Cal .308 168 gr A-MAX®


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