30-30 Win 140 gr MonoFlex™ LEVERevolution®

30-30 Win 140 gr MonoFlex™ LEVERevolution®
Test Barrel (24") Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
Muzzle 100 200 300
2465/1889 2173/1468 1902/1124 1653/850
Trajectory (inches)
Muzzle 100 200 300
-1.50 3.00 0.10 -12.40


MonoFlexLEVERevolution now with another bullet choice: MonoFlex

Combining the technologies of the GMX and patented FTX bullet design, the new MonoFlex bullet is a fantastic union of the very latest in bullet design from Hornady. An innovative bullet choice is NOW available for the famed Hornady LEVERevolution ammunition line. Constructed of copper alloy, MonoFlex bullets won’t ever separate, and when recovered, retain 95+% of their original weight. Deep penetration. High weight retention. Unbeatable power. The combined technologies of GMX and FTX have fused to produce the MonoFlex; an accurate, deadly, dependable NEW choice for lever gun hunters.

  • Up to 250 feet per second faster muzzle velocity than conventional lever gun loads.
  • Exceptional accuracy and overwhelming downrange terminal performance.
  • Patented FTX and MonoFlex bullets featuring Flex Tip Technology.
  • Up to 40% more energy than traditional flat point loads.

The innovative LEVERevolution bullet design may require a newer magazine follower to provide best possible functioning of the last round out of the magazine. These magazine followers may be purchased from the manufacturer of your firearm. For optimum performance we do not recommend storing LEVERevolution ammunition in tubular magazines for extended periods, as this can result in tip deformation.


LEVERevolution with MonoFlex
Item Number 82731
Weight 1.10 lbs
H.I.T.S. # (100 Yard Value) 642
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .277
Sectional Density .211
Test Barrel Length (inches) 24
Quantity 20/box
Temporarily Suspended
Photo Date Shooter Title Product
11/07/2011 Joseph von Benedikt Northern Alberta Bear Hunt 30-30 Win 140 gr MonoFlex™ LEVERevolution®
01/24/2011 Little Shelton my long shot 30-30 Win 140 gr MonoFlex™ LEVERevolution®
09/09/2011 justin gotta love Leverevolution 30-30 Win 140 gr MonoFlex™ LEVERevolution®
11/24/2010 Joe Byers SD Rifle Deer 30-30 Win 140 gr MonoFlex™ LEVERevolution®


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