243 Win 80 gr GMX® Superformance® International™

243 Win 80 gr GMX® Superformance® International™

Superformance® - It IS rocket science!®

Hornady has been on the cutting edge of ammunition technology for over six decades. Each year our engineers strive to introduce even more revolutionary products. In 2010, their tireless pursuit of excellence brought us the technology behind Superformance ammunition. By blending propellants and manipulating burn rates, we have been able to obtain velocities that were never before attainable in conventional centerfire rifle cartridges.

This year we have tailored a line of ammunition in response to the demands of the global hunter. In keeping with our tradition of innovation, we have introduced Superformance International ammunition. Loaded with the latest GMX bullets and chambered in the most popular European calibers, Superformance International is the new Gold Standard for your rifle.


***Not for sale in the United States. Export product only***


Proven Hornady Bullets

Superformance International is loaded with GMX bullets for the ultimate in performance, no matter what the game.

  • Solid monolithic copper alloy
  • Retains 95% or more of its original weight for quick, humane kills
  • Delivers deep penetration with minimal meat damage

Made with the Finest Components

Superformance International features the highest quality brass.  Each case is manufactured to offer reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, hardness and dimensional consistency.  Superformance propellants are the driving force behind the unmatched performance of these cartridges.

  • High velocities without higher heat and pressure
  • Uncompromising accuracy without increased recoil
  • Unfailing performance across a broad range of temperatures
  • Safe for use in all firearm actions including semi-autos, lever guns and pump actions


Superformance International Superformance International

It Really is Rocket Science


***Not for sale in the United States.
Export product only



Item Number 80458
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .300
Sectional Density .194
Quantity 20/Box
Price: $47.65
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