22 Cal .224 35 gr NTX

22 Cal .224 35 gr NTX
Hornady NTX bullets provide peerless performance with a non-traditional core material that combines accuracy, reliability, and Hornady quality for use in areas with restrictions on the use of traditional bullets.
Hornady has made lead core bullets since 1949. Lead is, and always will be an excellent core material that provides density and hard-hitting energy to a vast array of bullets. However, there are regulations in some areas that restrict the use of lead in bullets. The NTX, is a phenomenal choice when a non-traditional core bullet is required.


  • Polymer tip and streamlined design for ultra flat trajectories
  • Match grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges
  • California Compatible






Item Number 22240
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .177
Sectional Density .100
Quantity 100/BX
Price: $26.11
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