SnapSafe by Hornady

Super Titan

SnapSafe, a modular safe company was acquired by Hornady® Manufacturing in 2015, and provides an expanded selection of security products.

SnapSafe stands apart in the industry for its unique product model. SnapSafe modular gun vaults are delivered right to your door and can be assembled in minutes. This simple assembly makes the vaults ideal for any room or space, and keeps valuables, firearms and other possessions secure. Featuring 9 gauge thick 2-ply steel exterior walls and a 1 hour/2,300° fire rating,  SnapSafe modular vaults offer the security of a welded safe plus ease of mobility with an easy-to-assemble, modular design.

SnapSafe has a variety of different safe sizes and wire accessories such as safe organizers and gun racks. In addition to safes, we offer lock boxes and auxiliary safes that can be stored in vehicle trunks, under beds, or in walls.

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