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2015 World Championship Coyote Calling Win

December 23, 2015
Hornady Manufacturing – a world leader in bullet, ammunition, and reloading tools congratulates the performances of Geoff Nemnich and Dustin Patterson on winning the 2015 World Championship Coyote Calling Contest, December 5, 2015 in Arizona. Over 60 teams competed with hopes to take home the trophy, however, bac ...
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Hornady® Donates to GRACE Foundation

December 15, 2015
Hornady® Manufacturing has doubled its donation to the GRACE Foundation for 2015. The GRACE Foundation is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to serving cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their families. The donation was made possible from partial proceeds of the sale of Hornady® Critical Defense® ...
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NSSF Update: Firearm Safety

December 7, 2015
We start with the fact that all sales from Federally licensed retailers are 100% background checked by the FBI or State police, regardless of where they occur.  So these sales are being made to law abiding American citizens who are buying firearms for lawful purposes such as target shooting, hunting, collecting, a ...
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Introducing the Rapid Rack™ by Hornady

December 1, 2015
Hornady® Manufacturing is pleased to announce the Rapid Rack™ empty chamber indicator and load assist device. This innovative product allows those on patrol or in their home to keep their long gun ready with a fully charged magazine and an empty chamber. Available in three sizes: AR-15, AR-10 and select 12 ...
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2015 Surefire Multi-Gun Championships

November 18, 2015
Hornady Manufacturing, a world leader in bullet, ammunition, and reloading tools congratulates the performances of Team Hornady members at the Surefire Multi-Gun Championships held October 27-31, 2015 at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada. All styles of multi-gun and 3-gun competition came together in 16 grueli ...
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