USPSA 2013 STI Nationals

October 16, 2013

Team Hornady® Wins Limited/Open Divisions at USPSA 2013 STI Nationals

Team Hornady® won Limited and Open divisions titles during the 2013 STI National Championships held at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park in St. George, Utah. The Limited division match began September 23rd, with Open & Limited 10 divisions beginning September 27th. Despite 20-30 mph wind gusts that caused delays, the high desert mountainous range welcomed 600 competitors from 46 states as well as Germany, Japan and Canada. Each division featured 21 stages that were shot over three days, with one day reserved for recovery.

Jessie Duff

Jessie Duff

Michael Voigt

Michael Voigt (photo by Yamil R. Sued)

Maggie Reese

Maggie Reese (photo by Yamil R. Sued)

Max Michel celebrated his 6th USPSA National Championship in the Open Division, shooting Hornady® 9mm 125 grain HAP® bullets in his pistol. Winning an impressive eight stages, Michel said, “I chose my Hornady bullets for the distances and size of the targets in this competition, knowing they would deliver the accuracy and reliability to bring about another championship win.”

Defending Ladies Champion, Jessie Duff enjoyed a double victory by winning her 6th consecutive Limited and 2nd consecutive Open Division National Championship. Duff shot Hornady® 180 grain XTP® in her 40 caliber pistol for the Limited Division, and Hornady® 9mm 125 grain HAP® bullets loaded for her 38 Super Comp pistol in the Open Division. “This match was accuracy-oriented, with lots of partial targets that required accurate shooting and bullets,” she said.

Michael Voigt finished 6th in the Open Division shooting Hornady® 125 grain HAP® bullets in his 38 Super Comp pistol. Voigt noted, “There was so much emphasis on precision placement to avoid penalties, but I never doubted the HAP bullets would go exactly where I pointed them.”

Maggie Reese remained focused throughout the match to finish 4th Lady in the Limited Division, shooting Hornady® 180 grain XTP® bullets in her 40 caliber pistol for both the Limited and Limited 10 matches. “Each stage was critically important,” said Reese, “and Hornady bullets gave me confidence knowing my shot placement would be consistent and reliable each and every time.”

USPSA President Phil Strader added, “The combination of close and far paper targets, reactive steel targets, and no-shoots/hard cover made for an extremely challenging match. Overall response from the competitors was overwhelmingly positive, so much so that St. George, UT will host the Handgun Nationals again during the last week of September 2014.”