Team Hornady® Match Updates

May 29, 2013

Hornady® Manufacturing congratulates Team Hornady® members, Jessie Duff (shown left) and Jerry Miculek, for their impressive wins during the 2013 Single Stack National Championships, held May 9-11, 2013 at the Pike Adams Sportsmen’s Alliance in Barry, Illinois. Duff won her first USPSA Single Stack National Championship when she achieved the top spot in the Ladies Division. Miculek took home his 11th Revolver National Championship title.

Duff said the Single Stack match has always been on her bucket list. “It’s a nostalgia match going back to USPSA, while testing your skills leading up to the Bianchi Cup,” she said. She shot Hornady® 125 grain HAP® bullets, loaded for her 38 Super Comp pistol. “I relied on the accuracy of the HAP bullets for this type of match,” said Duff, “because they’re soft and shoot flat.

Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek (Photo credit Yamil Sued)

Keith Garcia

Keith Garcia (Photo credit Yamil Sued)

Dianna Liedorff

Dianna Liedorff

Mike Voigt

Michael Voigt (Photo by Yamil Sued)

Adam Popplewell

Adam Popplewell (Photo by Yamil Sued)

Travis Gibson

Travis Gibson

Barry Dueck

Barry Dueck

Miculek won his 11th National Championship shooting Hornady® 45 caliber 230 grain RN bullets in his revolver. “The round nose profile of the bullet is a must for fast reloads using moonclips,” said Miculek. “This bullet’s accuracy is outstanding, and is a winning combination with my revolver.”

Match Director, Phil Strader, hopes the match, which combined the two divisional titles that started the sports, will be a lasting trend. “We’re seeing more interest in the revolver match,” he said.

3 Gun Nation Pro Series, Event 2

The second event of the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series took place at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 18, 2013. Team Hornady® members celebrated many top place finishes, showcasing their skillful shooting techniques, and demonstrating how accurate ammo plays a crucial role in winning results. Combining pistol, rifle and shotgun, the event’s six stages presented competitors with various options to transition from one piece of equipment to another as they ran the course of fire.

Keith Garcia finished second, shooting Hornady® 115 grain 9mm HAP® in his pistol, and Hornady® 53 grain V-MAX® in his 223 Rem rifle. “I had great confidence in my Hornady® ammo to make those tight pistol shots,” Garcia said, “as well as the long rifle shots on steel.”

Dianna Liedorff finished fourth in the Ladies Division, shooting Hornady® 9mm 124 grain FMJ RN bullets in her pistol. Liedorff said, “I can always count on that load to feed reliably in my pistol.” She shot Hornady® 55 grain FMJ in her rifle, because she knew it would deliver top performance for the match’s distance targets.

Michael Voigt took fourth place shooting Hornady® 125 grain HAP® bullets in his 38 Super pistol, and Hornady® 223 Rem 55 grain V-MAX® in his rifle. Voigt won stage three with the fastest time, relying on skills built through many years of shooting USPSA and IPSC handgun matches.

Adam Popplewell finished sixth, shooting Hornady® 124 grain 9mm XTP® in his pistol, and Hornady® 223 Rem 55 grain FMJ in his rifle. Popplewell added, “In this high speed run-and-gun sport, you can’t afford to lose time with ammo issues. With Hornady that’s never an issue.”

Other Team Hornady® shooters who finished in the top 20 included Jerry Miculek at 13th, Travis Gibson at 14th, and Barry Dueck at 18th place.

Chad Adams, Vice President of 3 Gun Nation said, “The second event of the 3GN Pro Series Tour incorporated a lot of movement and flow within each stage. The fans who attended got an impressive show.”