Team Hornady Brings Medals Home to USA

June 29, 2011

When two world-class Team Hornady shooters travel to Europe to compete, they bring the most accurate, deadly and dependable ammunition that will guarantee winning results. Louisiana natives, Blake Miguez and Max Michel, competed in the 2011 IPSC Greek Nationals in Rhodes, Greece, and brought home medals.

First time shooters in the Greek Nationals, both Miguez and Michel used the experience as a precursor to represent the United States at the IPSC World Shoot in Rhodes, Greece in September. The two-day match consisted of 15 straightforward stages, with a round count of 200 plus. Shooting mostly small steel targets and poppers placed in front of no shoots, with awkward one-hand positions made the margin of error slim and costly.

Blake Miguez

Blake Miguez: High Overall in Standard Division

Blake Miguez won High Overall in the Standard division, and received the prestigious IPSC Presidents Gold Medal. Blake used Hornady 40 caliber 200-grain FMJ flat nose bullets in his pistol. “The quality of Hornady ammo is very well known in Europe,” he said. “Knowing exactly what your bullet weight will be when you show up for the chrono test helps. There are never surprises with Hornady ammo since it’s always consistent. Competing at the Greek Nationals was exciting, knowing you were amongst the best European competitors. The next world champion just might be an American.”

Max Michel

Max Michel: Second Overall in Open Division (Greece Shooting Federation Silver Medal winner)

Max Michel finished second overall in the Open Division and won the Greece Shooting Federation Silver Medal. Max used Hornady 124-grain Round Nose 9mm bullets for this match, noting, “I would typically use Hornady HAP bullets, but hollow points are illegal in Greece. Hornady was kind enough to select a great bullet specific to Greece and their firearm laws, and as usual it made the difference. I look forward to returning this fall. This match provided a great advantage for my visualization preparation.”

Enjoying a back-to-back win, Blake Miguez won the Standard Division at the 2011 Infinity Euro Open, in Phillipsburg, Germany last week. A level III IPSC match, the two-day match drew 400 competitors from over 15 countries to shoot 18 challenging stages.