Summer Success 2014

July 23, 2014

Team Hornady® Drives Impressive Summer Roundup Performances

Team Hornady® scored numerous wins this June and July, in matches spanning the map. Competitors faced physically grueling stages at the MGM Ironman in Parma, Idaho, the Northwest Multi-Gun match in Oregon, or canyon crosswinds at the Rifleman’s Roundup in Wyoming, yet Hornady® ammo performed flawlessly with winning results. 

  Maggie Reese

Maggie Reese (Yamil Sued)

  Dianna Liedorff

Dianna Liedorff

  Michael Voigt

Michael Voigt (Yamil Sued)

  Tate Moots

Tate Moots

  Scott McGregor

Scott McGregor

Barry Dueck (shown above) won his fifth consecutive MGM Ironman 3-Gun title in the Heavy Optics Division. Held at the Parma Rod & Gun Club in Idaho, June 8-14, 2014, Dueck won seven of the match’s 10 stages, during days that often included 12 hours of shooting.

Dueck shot Hornady® 308 caliber 125-grain SST® and 308 178-grain BTHP Match™ bullets in his 308 Win rifle, as well as a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle he used for bonus long-range targets. “Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 140-grain A-MAX is my long range caliber of choice,” said Dueck. “Its ultra-high .585 BC, flat trajectory and super low recoil that make this caliber a winner.”

Claiming her third Open Division ladies win, Maggie Reese relied on Hornady® 140-grain A-MAX® in her 6.5 Creedmoor precision rifle for long-range bonus targets. She shot Hornady® 115 and 125-grain HAP® bullets in her pistol, which delivered target-defeating power. 

Runner up in the Scoped Tactical ladies division, Dianna Liedorff used Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain BTHP in her rifle, and Hornady® 147-grain XTP® ammunition in her 9mm pistol for fast shooting pistol targets set out to 80 yards. Liedorff said, “Hornady performed flawlessly for a strong finish at MGM.”

Michael Voigt’s impressive performance earned him second place in the Open Division and Overall High Senior, shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 55-grain FMJ for short distance targets, and Hornady® 223 Rem 75-grain Match™ ammo for hits out to 500 yards. Voigt commented, “Hornady delivers knock down power, light recoil, wind bucking BC and precision accuracy.”

Tate Moots finished in the top 10 at the Rifleman Roundup on June 21, 2014, shooting factory Hornady® 140-grain A-MAX® for the entire match. Moots said, “Because the accuracy of Hornady A-MAX is always consistent, my clean shots earned me a spot on the Precision Rifle Series finale.”

Seventeen strategically placed stages were spread throughout the 20,000 acres of grazing fields at the Cross C Ranch in Wheatland, Wyo. While the Laramie River and Government Peak provided spectacular backdrops, the competitors had to read constantly shifting crosswinds for accurate shot placement. Reactive targets were set at 200 yards and targets set beyond 900 yards were equipped with LED Strobe flashers.

Scott McGregor won the Heavy Tactical Division at the Colt and Colt Competition Northwest Multi-Gun Challenge July 12, 2014 in Bend, Ore. Shooting Hornady® 308 Win 155-grain Steel Match® in his rifle, and Hornady® 40 S&W 180-grain XTP® bullets in his pistol, McGregor won seven of the match’s nine stages. Commenting on his solid performance, McGregor said, “I’d encourage more competitors to try the Heavy Metal Division. Hornady Steel Match cartridges are so affordable, and Hornady XTP bullets always deliver accuracy you can depend on.”