S&W IDPA BUG National Championship

December 11, 2013

Team Hornady’s® Miculek Wins S&W IDPA BUG National Championship

Hornady® Manufacturing congratulates Team Hornady® member Jerry Miculek, for his outstanding performance at the inaugural S&W IDPA Back Up Gun (BUG) National Championships, November 14-16, 2013, at the indoor range of the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center in Springfield, Mass. Miculek won the SSR (Standard Service Revolver), High Senior, and High Industry Honors Divisions.

Miculek shot Hornady® 158 grain XTP® bullets in his 3” S&W Model 686 revolver. “Choosing XTP bullets is a no brainer,” said Miculek. “If your revolver won’t shoot these bullets, it won’t shoot anything.”

Miculek said the IDPA BUG Nationals was the first true “revolver friendly” match he had ever shot in his lifetime. Miculek won 12 of the match’s 13 stages, and scored the fastest overall time of 166.50.

Each course of fire was designed to test competitor reactions to real life, self-defense situations. Strings of fire were limited to five rounds, and adrenaline rose as competitors moved through various stages, some of which were set in low light. Stages mimicked a home invasion, a jewelry store robbery, and backyard trespassers.

(Photo by Yamil Sued)