National High Power Rifle Championship

August 16, 2011

Team Hornady® Member Carl Bernosky Wins NRA National High Power Rifle Championship

World Champion marksman, Carl Bernosky, won his ninth overall title during the NRA National High Power Rifle Championship, August 7-12, 2011, at Camp Perry, Ohio, with a score of 2393-160x out of a possible 2400. Shooting a total of 240 rounds down range, Carl won the Mumma Trophy for the highest aggregate scores fired in the Vandenberg Cup, Nevada Trophy, and Clarke Trophy Matches. Carl also took first place in 10 out of 20 trophy matches and placed second, third, or fourth in nine other trophy matches.

The four-day match required competitors to shoot 200 yards standing, 200 yards rapid fire sitting, 300 yards rapid fire prone and 600 yards slow fire prone.

Carl’s 17-year journey competing at Camp Perry has earned him several places in history. He was the youngest person to win the National High Power Rifle Championship in 1977, and in 2007 he was the first to win using an AR-15 platform based rifle. Now as the National Championship’s most seasoned winner, Carl set new records in 2011, winning the Clarke Trophy Match, Crowell Trophy Match, and the Crescent Cup Match.

Carl credits Hornady bullets for his win, shooting 75 grain Hornady V-MAX in the 200 yard stage, 87 grain Hornady V-MAX at 300 yards, and 105 grain Hornady A-MAX at 600 yards.

“A match like this demands accuracy,” said Bernosky. “When I measure my bullets and check them for tolerance, Hornady bullets are better than anything I’ve ever used. The consistency and reliability of Hornady bullets are absolutely amazing.”

Understanding the history of Camp Perry makes his victory even sweeter. “My love for this sport continues to grow and I enjoy being part of it,” he said. “I truly respect those who have come before me so I always give it my best. This year was no different; it all came together perfectly.”