IDPA Nationals & 3-Gun Nation Pro Series

April 4, 2014

Team Hornady® Shoots Well During IDPA Nationals and 3-Gun Nation Pro Series

Demonstrating his versatility and proficiency in shooting disciplines, Team Hornady® member Bobby McGee won the Stock Service Revolver Division (SSR) at the 2014 Puerto Rico IDPA Nationals. Shooting Hornady® 158 grain XTP® bullets in his revolver, McGee shot the 12-stage match with determination and confidence.

The two-day match took place March 14-16, 2014 at the RL Shooting Club in Caguas, which is located in the Central Mountain Range of Puerto Rico south of San Juan. Many stages had tight targets set as close as five yards and out to 25, and included six-inch steel plates, full size poppers and plenty of scenario-based stages with moving targets. The hot and humid weather was a factor for some as competitors relied on grip talc to deal with sweaty grips on their firearms.

With speed loaders secured to his range belt filled with Hornady® 158-grain bullets, McGee said, “Having confidence in my ammo lets me focus on game strategy, which is priceless to a competitor,” said McGee. “Winning my first match of the season shooting Hornady bullets proves why it’s so important to settle for nothing but the best.”

  Keith Garcia

Keith Garcia (photo by Yamil-Sued)

   Dianna Liedorff

Dianna Liedorff

   Michael Voigt

Michael Voigt (photo by Yamil-Sued)

Stateside, Team Hornady® achieved Top 10 finishes in the first of four matches in the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series. Held at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Okla., March 15-16, 2014, the match presented competitors with fast paced short-range stages.

Keith Garcia finished third shooting Hornady® 53-grain V-MAX® in his rifle, and Hornady® 115-grain 9mm in his pistol.

Dianna Liedorff finished second in the 3-Gun Nation Lady Pro Series, shooting Hornady® 55-grain 223 FMJ in her rifle, and Hornady® 124-grain 9mm FMJ round nose in her pistol.

Michael Voigt finished sixth shooting Hornady® 55-grain 223 V-MAX® in his rifle and Hornady® 115-grain 9mm HAP® in his pistol.

Shown above: Bobby McGee (photo by Shooting USA)