FNH USA 3-Gun Championship

November 28, 2011

Team Hornady® Finishes Strong at FNH USA 3-Gun Championship

Team Hornady® finished strong in four of the five divisions held at the newly created Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, West Virginia, November 10-12, 2011.

The match challenged 238 competitors with targets set amongst natural terrain as backdrops including scenic fields, forest with slopping hills and stages set in bays. Competitors, with a round count of 360, were able to use all three guns within each of the nine stages. They had the option to shoot at a group of targets using their pistol and rifle or their shotgun and pistol.  

Team Hornady® member Rob Romero won the Heavy Metal Irons Division shooting Hornady® 230 grain HAP® bullets in his 45 auto pistol and Hornady® 308 Steel Match™ in his rifle. Romero added, “Both bullets performed terrific. They’re always accurate; they feed well and are very affordable.”

When the last shot was fired in the Heavy Metal Optics Division, it was Team Hornady® member Barry Dueck winning it. Dueck said, “I shot Hornady 168 grain A-MAX in my 308 rifle and Hornady 230 grain HAP in my 45 caliber pistol. The consistency and quality from round to round is what I count on when the heat is on.” Adam Popplewell followed Dueck in second place. Popplewell shot Hornady® 155 grain Steel Match™ in his 308 rifle.

Fellow team member, Clint Upchurch, finished second in the Open Division. He shot Hornady® 75 grain Steel Match™ in his rifle and Hornady® 125 grain HAP® in his 38 Super Comp. Upchurch added, “The ammo performed flawlessly as always. The targets were as close as five feet and as far as 275 yards for rifle, and the Steel Match turned in an accurate performance.”

In the Tactical Limited Division, Team Hornady® member Kelly Neal finished second shooting Hornady® 55 grain V-MAX™ in his rifle because he favors its flat trajectory and accuracy. In Neal’s pistol, he shot Hornady™ 9mm 125 grain Steel Match™. Neal stated, “The Steel Match has truly been my go-to pistol load for the 3-Gun season because it’s always accurate and reliable.”