Firearms Dealers: NSSF Action Alert

April 2, 2013

Firearms Dealers: Contact Your Senators & Congressmen Today!

Negotiations in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House are under way to impose "Universal Background Checks" that are opposed by 86% of federally licensed firearms retailers like you, according to a newly released survey. It is imperative that your two Senators and Member of Congress know exactly where you stand on so-called "Universal Background Checks" that will cost your business money, expose you to lawsuits and possible ATF license revocation, burden you with keeping records on guns you didn't sell and cause unprecedented delays in NICS. All this for an effort that 96% of retailers say will not prevent criminals from illegally getting firearms.

For the next two weeks your Senators and Congressmen are home from Washington touring their states and districts.  This may be the last opportunity to speak with them before they return to Capitol Hill to cast a vote that will negatively impact your business, your employees' jobs, and the Second Amendment.

Call them and tell them to OPPOSE "Universal Background Checks" and instead focus on real solutions to make our communities safer, like fixing the broken NICS system.