2017 Bianchi Cup Success for Team Hornady

June 2, 2017

Team Hornady® shooter, Doug Koenig, wins a record-setting 18th Bianchi Cup

Team Hornady® member Doug Koenig, made history again with a record-setting 18th Bianchi Cup Action Pistol Championship title, winning High Overall and High Open at the 2017 NRA Bianchi Cup held May 23-25 in Columbia, Missouri. Koenig was shooting Hornady 110gr XTP® bullets.

The first portion of the match was the four main Bianchi Events, as in years past (Match X) but instead of averaging the score of Match X and the Colt Championship Final, the initial three-day course of fire aggregate score (Match X) was used as a qualifier for competitors to advance to the Colt Championship Final.

Team Hornady shooter, Carl Bernosky, had the high score going into the Colt Championship Final, finishing Match X with a score of 1920-175X. Koenig finished Match X with a score of 1918-175X. The Bianchi Cup Champion was determined by the scores of the Colt Championship Final and Koenig’s score was 1920-184X.

Team Hornady shooter, Cherie Blake, of Australia won the Women's Championship, with her score of 1904-145X over 21 points ahead of the runner up and finished 21st overall.

Other notable Team Hornady finishes included Mark Blake in 20th place, and Jessie Harrison-Duff finished 35th overall.

The NRA Bianchi Cup, established in 1979 to test police shooting skills, is now one of the most prestigious shooting events and the ultimate trial in shooting accurately under pressure. It consists of four separate, fixed time matches: Practical Event (with shots fired from 10-50 yards), Barricade Event (shots taken from behind simulated cover), Falling Plate Event (banks of six 8" falling plates), and the Moving Target Event (shots fired at a moving target exposed for six seconds).