2014 Mammoth Sniper Challenge

January 27, 2014

Team Hornady® Rises to Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Three Team Hornady® members completed the physically grueling JP Enterprise Mammoth Sniper Challenge, January 3-5, 2014 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Ky. The precision rifle shooting competition included Extreme Tough Man, Tough Man, and Open Divisions. With packs loaded with firearms, ammo, food, water, and sleeping gear, competitors completed timed hikes between stages and back to camp, for a total distance of 22 miles.

Jeff Cramblit (shown above) and his teammate, Charles Arbuckle, finished second out of 31 teams in the Extreme Tough Man Division. Explaining why he chose to shoot Hornady® 168 A-MAX® in his 308 Win rifle, Cramblit said, “This load consistently delivered three-quarter-inch, 10-shot, 100-yard groups. Even in extreme low temperatures, my partner and I posted some of our best stage performances during the early hours each day.”

Trip McIngvale finished fifth in the Open Division shooting Hornady® 140 grain A-MAX® in his 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. “Hornady 140 grain A-MAX® has very consistent muzzle velocity, which is a confidence booster in high elevation environments,” said McIngvale. “The high ballistic co-efficiency made wind calls much easier.”

  Travis Gibson

Travis Gibson (photo by Yamil Sued)

Travis Gibson finished 15th overall in the Open Division shooting the Hornady® 140 grain A-MAX® 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. “This round was outstanding for this course of fire,” Gibson explained. “It shot flat, and sliced through wind that changed directions by 180 degrees.”

Match Director Joe Harris designed a challenging course of fire with stages that could be shot multiple ways. Whether shooting from an old Kentucky tobacco barn, a raised floating platform bridge, or ridge to ridge, competitors were forced into uncomfortable, unstable, and nontraditional positions.

Target distances were not conveyed to shooters, and range estimations varied at each stage. Spotters called out driving wind changes to their partners, while the accuracy and consistency of Hornady® ammunition handled difficult long-range shots and sub-freezing temperatures.