Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge

October 12, 2012

Team Hornady® Shows Its Strength at Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge

Team Hornady® members traveled to the Spartan Tactical Range Complex in Jacksboro, Texas, October 5-7, 2012 for the second annual Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge. The three-day event encompassed 1,200 acres of the range and introduced competitors to four new locations. Set amongst cactus, pan and live oak trees, the up and down relief of the terrain gave 230 competitors from 26 states a good mix of physical movement throughout the ten stages of the 3-Gun Nation point series.

The cold front that moved in the first night of the competition — had no affect on Barry Dueck's (shown above) strong performance — winning first place in the Heavy Tactical Optics division shooting Hornady® 308 Win 178 grain BTHP Match™ ammo in his rifle and Hornady® 9mm 147 grain XTP® ammo in his pistol. Dueck said, "The uniformity of the new 178 BTHP Match ammo can't be beat and the performance of Hornady XTP ammo gives me the accuracy I demand as a competitive shooter."

Kelly Neal

Kelly Neal

Adam Popplewell

Adam Popplewell

Kelly Neal finished second in the Tac-Irons division, winning two of the ten stages shooting Hornady® 55 grain V-MAX™ in his rifle and Hornady® 9mm Steel Match® in his pistol. Commenting on his ammo choice, Neal said, "Hornady V-MAX is very accurate, flat shooting and has a consistent muzzle velocity - perfect for target presentations out to 350 yards." He added, "I need an accurate bullet that will consistently engage steel plate racks from 25 to 100 yards. Using Hornady 9mm Steel Match with 125 HAP bullets, if I break a good shot, it equals a hit and I can quickly move on to the next target."

Adam Popplewell finished fifth in the Tactical Optics division shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 75 grain Steel Match® in his rifle, and Hornady® 9mm 124 grain TAP® in his pistol. Popplewell said, "The ammo performed exactly as I expected, allowing me to concentrate on my shooting."

Travis Gibson placed seventh in the Tac-Optics division shooting Hornady® 55 grain and 75 grain Steel Match® in his rifle and Hornady® 180 grain Steel Match® in his 40 S&W pistol. Commenting what drew him to the team, Gibson said, "Hornady Manufacturing consistently lends its support to all shooting disciplines. As a competitor, I recognize that support is key in growing the shooting sports for everyone to experience."

Rob Romero placed eighth in the Tac-Optics division, shooting Hornady® 223 Rem 60 grain V-Max™ in his rifle and Hornady 9mm 124 RN FMJ bullets in his pistol. Romero noted "V-MAX delivers outstanding accuracy, flat trajectory and has the power to knock down heavy steel targets."

Match Director and owner of the Spartan Tactical Range Complex, Jim Smith said, "As a disabled veteran myself, this Match is dear to my heart. We purposely left ten percent of the Match open for active members at no cost, donating $4,000-6,000 dollars to the Unit Scholarship Fund. I designed a course of fire combining long and short rifle presentations that would challenge the experienced competitor without discouraging an intermediate shooter."