Message from Steve & Jason Hornady

Steve HornadyHornady is built on 65 years of family values, American work ethic and ingenuity. We take pride in creating industry leading products because we’re passionate about hunting and shooting sports. That passion keeps us focused, and drives us to look beyond accepted practices to achieve truly accurate, deadly, and dependable products.

Hunting and shooting sports are grounded in our American tradition, handed down from generation to generation. It’s where experiences are born and memories are created and shared for years to come. As a family-owned business, Hornady understands.

Tour the Hornady plant and you’ll find hundreds of hard working team members who understand tradition, because the vast majority of us are hunters and shooters, too. We know every product we design and build has our reputation riding on it and we do our best to provide the best. Our customers and friends who use our products know we never compromise our strict specifications.

Jason HornadySome of our most successful products were born from customer requests and suggestions, so we take an active interest in what the people who buy our products have to say. Customer input drives our engineers to design products that keep you happy in the field, at the firing line, or on your bench. Our never-settle attitude keeps us searching for the best components to bring them to life.

We’re especially pleased to show you the new things we have to offer in 2015 and announce the return of some temporarily suspended items, because they’re the products of the tradition that is the heart of Hornady..

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