Message from Steve & Jason Hornady

Steve HornadyHearing how Hornady has become a part of your lives since our doors opened in 1949 gives us a great deal of satisfaction. Millions of fans throughout the country share how they grew up reloading and hunting with our brand. We’ve become a part of wonderful memories, shared experiences, and exciting "firsts," and we couldn't be more proud.

What makes Hornady such a trusted brand for so many? The quality. The performance. The durability. The innovative spirit that continues to push the envelope and make old things new again. We see that our innovations and cutting-edge products make you happy and when you’re happy, we're happy!

Jason HornadyWe will continue to make your favorite hunting, shooting and reloading products while searching for new ways to offer you more. We will evolve to welcome the next generation of fans while remaining true to our iconic past. With that being said, we are proud to add an array of new products and an entirely new line of ammo as well: Hornady BLACK.™ Plus, we’re confident you’ll be hooked once you try our industry-leading ELD-X® and ELD® Match bullets with Heat Shield® tip.

We believe everything starts with passion. So, please continue to share your hunting and shooting passion with us. We enjoy reading your posts to our Facebook page and seeing your photos and video on Instagram and Snapchat. Your correspondence and input are a critical element in our new product development process, so keep them coming!

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