Message from Steve & Jason Hornady

Steve HornadyFor over six decades, we have produced the most accurate bullets and ammunition available and revolutionized the reloading tools industry with leading innovations. This year, we are unveiling something new that embraces the safety side of the shooting sports. Hornady Security™ is a completely new line of patent-pending technology that we crafted into a line of personal protection firearm safes we feel will answer the needs of the consumer looking for secure storage of their firearm. Our RAPiD™ safe features Radio Frequency Identification Technology(RFID), which stands alone in its class, giving you the ability to achieve almost instantaneous access to your firearm. Plus, our TriPoint® lock boxes are new cost-effective options for small arms storage.

Jason HornadyWe also have something for the shooter looking for less recoil. The new Custom Lite® line delivers a noticable reduction in recoil in many popular calibers with the same accurate and dependable performance you have come to count on from Hornady. In addition, we have rounded out our product lines with the new 12 gauge American Whitetail® Slug, 20 gauge Turkey loads and a 357 Sig Critical Duty® round, among others.

For our customers who already have a Lock-N-Load® AP™, we have created some new "apps" for your reloading press. Starting with the 223 and 308 calibers, the Lock-N-Load® Rifle Bullet Feeder delivers on a promise to give the reloader hands-free reloading and the ability to load more cartridges quicker than ever before. It took a little longer than we thought, but we wanted to make sure we got it right. And, we have also added a new level of safety and awareness to our AP™ press with the Lock-N-Load® Control Panel.

Our engineers have delivered on many of your requests and we are diligently working on even more. We can't thank you enough for all your encouragement, testimonials and support.

Our best to you on the bench or in the field.

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