Message from Steve & Jason Hornady

Steve HornadyThis is an exciting year for us. As our loyal customers know, Hornady has been creating innovative products for over 65 years and we have another exciting product lineup for 2016!

After years of research and countless hours of trial and error, we discovered a radically superior bullet tip that will literally redefine shooting and hunting as we know it. This invention, coined the “Heat Shield™ tip,” gives the sleek and precise bullet profiles of our new ELD-X™ and ELD™ Match bullets a perfect meplat that delivers flatter trajectories. The ELD-X™ hunting bullet delivers continual expansion throughout the bullet’s penetration path, no matter the range. You can learn about the tip, bullets and factory-loaded Precision Hunter™ ammunition in the pages of this catalog, but you’ll definitely want to visit our website for in-depth articles and videos that give the full story.

Jason HornadyThank you for your continued support of our hunting, shooting, reloading and security products. Flip through the catalog and discover more items that can make your hobby and sport even more enjoyable. And don’t forget to tell us about your hunt, or let us know what you think of our products. We’re on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And, we don’t mind receiving old-fashioned letters, too!

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